Hello there! 
If you’re looking for my stats (awards, minors, experiences, etc.) I’m sorry to inform you that this page includes very little of that information (writing it all out in the first person makes me feel awkward and egotistical) — you can find my resume at the top of the page, but if you are looking to find out more about my process and passion for all things aesthetically pleasing and conceptually strong this is exactly where you want to be!

First of all,
hello my name is Emma! You by this point know I like art - I’m assuming. But if we’ve never met you probably don’t understand just how much I love all the creative fields (even the ones I have no talent in). During my spare time I enjoy reading, writing in an ultra-private and semi-embarrassing journal, listening to new music, watching movies, and gathering creative inspiration from the 50 blogs bookmarked on my laptop. On a grander scale,
I enjoy traveling immensely. I also enjoy running long distance; all through high school I ran cross country, and now my dad and I run an annual half marathon in Indianapolis.

Graphically speaking, 
I love graphic design because I get to make something beautiful and then I get to put it into action. I have the privilege of making things that are aesthetically pleasing but also get $h!t done. Every visual element, letterform, and color swatch has to be considered, weighed against alternatives, and then precisely implemented (that’s the challenge I thrive from).

My big lifetime dream is to utilize design for meaningful social change. To give people an extra reason to see the issues they already notice, but don't quite care enough about to actually contribute. Design has a wonderful capacity to strike the tone between fine art idealism and corporate detachment, to hit people in their emotions while still implementing a strategy for progress and ultimately success. Recently, I've been drawing inspiration from professional graphic designers through Instagram. Some of my current favorites are Nick Misani, Lauren Hom, and Gen Gotch. I also gather inspiration from graffiti, street fashion, flowers, found patterns, and quotes (I think it’s really amazing when words reflect meaning both in language and in image). 

So that’s a little bit about me as a human, if you’ve made it this far I hope I didn’t disappoint! Have a good day/afternoon/evening/night!

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