I'm Emma.

Designer and Lover of Micron Pens (that's how I created the illustrated background of this page)

Where is the Love? Domestic Violence Awareness
Packaging, Print Design, Graphic Design
Personal Brand Guide
Graphic Design, Branding, Illustration
Simon SAID: Banner Collage Design
Graphic Design
Generation IDK: Infographic Book Spreads
Graphic Design
Personal Resume
Graphic Design
Roles for Role Models: Infographic Poster Series
Graphic Design, Print Design
Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival: Event Based App Design
Graphic Design, Web Design, UI/UX
Route 66 Conference: Website and Mobile Design
Graphic Design, Web Design, UI/UX
Sombre Speakeasy: Brand Identity System
Branding, Graphic Design, Typography
Psychiatry’s Mind-Brain Problem: Editorial Layout
Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Illustration
Photography Summer 2017
MOBA Flexible Brand Guide
Graphic Design, Branding, Typography
Graphic Design, Fine Arts
Refurbished Rekords
Graphic Design, Music, Typography
Urban Outfitters Posters
Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography
Drumming App Explainer Video Animation
Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Animation
Sketchbook Vol. 2
Graphic Design, Drawing, Fine Arts
Design Anthology
Graphic Design, Print Design, Typography
War Monotypes
Fine Arts
Photo-Realistic Painting
Fine Arts, Painting
All the Self Portraits
Drawing, Fine Arts, Painting
Figure Studies
Miscellaneous Sketches
Illustration, Drawing, Typography
Multiple Perspective Drawing
Still Life
Photography Spring 2016
Photography Summer 2016
Sketchbook Vol.1
Illustration, Drawing, Typography
Sacred Emily
Graphic Design, Illustration
OPED: Visual Editorials
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
1-10 Project
Graphic Design
Typeface Book
Graphic Design, Print Design, Typography
Fierce Collage
Fine Arts
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